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Curt originated Tamarak in 1980 and for the next 20 years worked with a number of great players, one of the more notable members was Nick St. Nicholas from the original Steppenwolf. Dan joined the band in 1996.
However in 2000 magic struck when Dave and Allen entered the lineup. At first the sound was a bit raw, but there was an energy that was undeniable. A new brotherhood began that has lasted over 17 years with the sound getting tighter and more sophisticated with every performance.
We would like to thank those of you who supported the band with your company on so many occasions. Among many, we would like to mention Tisa, Sharon, Angela and Shawna, as well as Alissa, Terry & Penny, Karen & Brian, oh heck, so many more that your webmaster is missing. (Sorry, you know who you are!)
While we have decided to step away from regular nightclub performances for the time being, none of us can predict what the future will bring. If the itch to pick up those axes and sticks hits, and the right chance to play arises there is a good chance that we could be making plenty more music!
Here is a small sample of some fun moments from the last 17 years. Enjoy!













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